Seaweed Extract Based Organic Fertilizer

Seaweed Extract Based Organic Fertilizer helps the plant development quickly. Normally, it contains large scale mix of both micronutrients and macronutrients. It likewise host to regular Hormones such as amino acids, polysaccharides, organic acids, cytokines, gibberellins and auxins. Seaweed Extract Based Organic Fertilizer works as an impetus to enable the plants to utilize the sun vitality all the more successfully, therefore, advancing more grounded and more advantageous development. The product is extricated from the chosen Ascophyllum Nodosum that is characteristic, natural and non-poisonous utilizing the Cool water procedure under elevated pressure, thus holding all bio-dynamic and supplements within it.

Key Features:
  • Concentration empowers healthier and stronger plants that have more protection from infections
  • Includes potassium and common hormones that reinforces roots and plant's general system
  • It brings down vulnerabilities from illnesses
  • Enhances the take-up of supplements and roots' improvement and structure
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Seaweed Extract Powder Organic Fertilizer

Price: 275 INR/Ton

Ours is a special formula made using certified quality ingredients. The Seaweed Extract Powder Organic Fertilizer we offer is marketed in various pack sizes and features assured product purity and effectiveness. This natural, water-soluble powder is rich in micro and macro nutrients, and is derived from soluble brown Seaweed extract.

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Seaweed Extract

Price: 275 INR/Kilograms

Available in different colored concentrates, the range of Liquid Bio Extract Organic Fertilizer we offer is specially formulated keeping set industry norms in mind. The product can be used for making plant nutrients, organic bio stimulants & fertilizers. Its excellent features also make it suitable for creating soil conditioner granules formulations.


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