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Peptone Fermentation Nutrients

Proteins are the fundamental building squares of living cells. Peptone Fermentation Nutrients are framed by the succession of amino acids that are natural substances comprising of a topsy-turvy carbon to which is fortified on two qualities radicals of every amino corrosive (R"). Being very nutritious substance and dissolvable in water, Peptone Fermentation Nutrients advance the development of microorganisms, parasites and critical life forms. Along these lines, it is broadly utilized as supplement for different culture media as to make the development of a wide assortment of microorganisms comprising fungi and microscopic organisms. Besides, these are suggested for applications in fermentation media, tissue culture and microbiological media.
Key Features:
  • Best ripeness and solid development advancement rate
  • Elevated filterability level and amazing water solvency
  • Nonappearance of hereditarily changed raw material
  • Enriched with vitamins, particularly b complexes
Animal Origin Peptones
Animal Origin Peptones
We offer high quality peptones derived from tissues of various animals, milk, etc. Extensively utilized in the form of culture media ingredient, the Animal Origin Peptones are made to be used in various media. A wide line of lifesaving drugs, and other pharma products like vaccines, antibiotics, etc., can be made using these peptones.
Price : 999 INR
Casein Peptone
Casein Peptone
Used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulation our offered Casein Peptone is of premium quality. It is formulated using certified chemical and ingredients and tested against varied parameters before it is finally packed and distributed in the market for use.
Price : 500 INR
Soya Origin Peptones
Soya Origin Peptones
Our Soya Origin Peptones are offered in the form of a water soluble free flowing powder. The product readily dissolves in water, features good nutritional content, and is extensively utilized in specific analytical microbiology as well as industrial fermentation applications. We offer this product at nominal prices.
Price : 399 INR

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