Concentrate Foaming Agent

Concentrate Foaming Agent is a material, which encourages arrangement of froth, for example, a blowing substance or a surfactant. A surfactant, when display in little sums, lessens surface strain of a fluid or builds its colloidal strength by hindering blend of air pockets. Protein grounded is generally utilized for the less thickness and for greater densities manufactured frothing substances were favored. Concentrate Foaming Agent can make through driving the substance, water and air by confinement that ensues froth development. Engineered froth requires less vitality while protein froths require more. Further, energy demanded amid the froth development chooses its quality.

Key Features:
  • Prevalent dispersibility in rubber, plastic and more
  • Deterioration temperatures appropriate for elastic and plastic preparing
  • Capacity to control deterioration speed and temperature
  • Low debasement after some time; incredible capacity dependability
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Concrete Foaming Agent

Price: 96 INR

Our offered range of Concrete Foaming Agent is used for making CLC bricks and blocks. These foaming agents are packed with various active components that have enzymatic origin. Thus, these foaming agents can be used for making blocks and bricks of multiple strengths and densities (600 to 1200 kg/m3).

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Digested Protein Concentrate

Price: 999 INR

Our Digested Protein Concentrate are unadulterated and formulated using the most sophisticated technology that makes these excellent in terms of taste and texture. The product rich in protein aids in the fat burning process, and can greatly benefit the immune system. This is widely favored over isolate and other available forms of protein.


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