Animal Nutrition Supplements

Nourishment is a fundamental component for good wellbeing and to help life. Animal Nutrition Supplements enhance the rate of vitamin and mineral nourishment, contains the correct adjust of proteins, fats, starches, minerals and vitamins essential for appropriate development and great wellbeing in animals. With the assistance of these Animal Nutrition Supplements different medical issues in animals can be counteracted. Sustenance supplement is reasonable for goats, fish, piggery, dairy and poultry. These are utilized for curing the inadequacy of specific mineral in the creature body, advances development and improvement. They build the hatchability, meat quality and laying rate in animals.

Key Features:
  • Improves higher invulnerability to sickness and recoup more rapidly
  • Parities nourishment in animals
  • Create more grounded, more advantageous posterity
  • Expands the stomach related procedure in animals
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Poultry Proteinated Minerals

Price: 999 INR

Poultry Proteinated Minerals we deal in is of finest available variety and can be added as a part of poultry nutrition enhancement. Formulated by our qualified experts as per prescribed industry standards, this product is offered in the form of a brown colored free flowing powder that is high on both micro and macro nutrients of various types.

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Animal Protein Feed

Price: 999 INR

Taking cue of various requirements of the animal feed industry, we supply high grade Animal Protein Feed at best prices. We put to good use know how of appropriate protein feed formulation and make these products as per industry requirement. Age, growth stage, species, etc., are taken into consideration while formulating our range.

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High Protein Animal Feed Supplement

Price: 275 INR

This is a high quality nutritional supplement that can be used for dairy cows, sheep, goats, etc. The product has excellent nutritional content and aids successful initiation into lactation for these animals. Made available in the form of a brown husk, this product boosts healthy growth and development with its proteinates and complexes of zinc, manganese, iron, copper, calcium, selenium, boron, etc.


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